"Journal of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science" (published since 1992) is a scientific periodical that publishes original articles on theoretical and applied research in all areas of mathematics, mechanics, and computer science. Works on related issues in mathematics, mechanics and computer science and review articles are published, as well as their applications in natural, technical and economic sciences.

Journal’s publication frequency is 4 times a year. ISSN 1563-0277.

Authors and readers of the journal are local and foreign researchers, university professors, practitioners, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates, and students.

The mission of the journal is to create conditions for exchange of scientific information in international scientific information space, exchange of results of fundamental and applied research of local and foreign experts in mathematics, mechanics, and computer science; attract attention to the most relevant, promising and interesting areas.

The goal of the journal is promoting the development of fundamental and applied scientific research, highlighting results of modern scientific research in fields of mathematics, mechanics, and informatics, contributing to an improvement of scientific and educational level of specialists.

Following primary objectives should contribute to achievement of the goals:

  • publishing original scientific works containing new results in mathematics, mechanics, and informatics;
  • ensuring a high scientific level of reviewing;
  • attracting highly qualified local and foreign authors;
  • publishing scientific reviews relevant to the journal;
  • compliance with publication ethics;
  • inclusion of the journal in main international abstract databases (Scopus, Web of Science);
  • geographical diversity of authors.

Revenue sources

The source of journal’s revenue is institutional support.


In submitted manuscripts, authors report that they bear full personal responsibility for reliability of paper’s contents. Submitted manuscripts are processed with a specialized application in order to determine a presence of borrowed text without citing an original source.