Policy of the journal

The journal is peer-reviewed,

  1. All research papers submitted to the journal are subject to mandatory review.
  2. Authors submit papers prepared in accordance with the "Rules for paper preparation". Upon receipt of a paper from an author, executive secretary of the editorial board determines a compliance of a paper with the scope of the journal and directs it to a scientific editor of a corresponding direction of the journal, which identifies reviewers.
  3. Reviewing of papers is carried out by highly qualified scientists and specialists in the relevant scientific fields from al-Farabi Kazakh National University, other universities in Kazakhstan and foreign countries. The review is conducted confidentially. An author of a paper cannot be its opponent.
  4. A duration of the review is determined by the scientific editor in each particular case to ensure the most rapid publication of a paper.
  5. The final decision on paper publication is made by the editorial board and recorded in the editorial board meeting minutes.
  6. In case of a positive decision, the scientific editor of the journal determines a sequence of publications depending on topics of journal issues.
  7. If a reviewer suggests corrections, a paper could be sent to an author for revision. After the corrections are completed, the paper is sent to the reviewer again. If the reviewer makes a negative decision on the corrections, the paper is not accepted for publication.
  8. The editorial staff of the journal informs an author about review results by email; rejected papers are not discussed with authors. In conflict situations, a decision is made by the editor-in-chief.
  9. The originals of reviews are kept in editors office for 3 years from the date of paper publication. The executive secretary of the journal’s editorial board is responsible for keeping the reviews.
  10. Materials sent to the editorial staff are not returned.
  11. The editorial board does not assume obligations on publication dates.
  12. Authors are not charged for publication, authors are not paid for publication.