Stressed-deformed state of two drifts in a tiltly layered cracked array in the conditions of elastic deformations of rocks

  • N. T. Azhikhanov Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan
  • B. T. Zhumagulov National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • T. A. Turymbetov Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University
  • A. B. Bekbolatov Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University


In the study, based on a homogeneous anisotropic mechanical-mathematical mo del of an inclined,finely layered array with a bip erio dic system of slots, the patterns of distribution of elastic stresses and displacements near two drifts of arbitrary profile shap e and depth by the finite elementmetho d under conditions of plane deformation have b een systematically numerically investigated.The calculation was carried out by converting weakened ro cks with two excavations in elasticity toan equivalent homogeneous medium. It is difficult to solve the problem of the initial static stressstate of two-diagonal workings on a ro ck weakened by two-p erio d cracks by the analogous metho d,therefore it was solved by the generalized metho d of plane deformation using the first and secondisoparametric elements by the finite element metho d. Metho ds for dividing the area sp ecified bythe finite element metho d into parametric quadrangular elements and numerically determining thestress-strain state of double workings are given.A computational algorithm has b een develop ed and a software package has b een develop ed forstudying the elastic state of adjacent cavities of arbitrary depth and shap e. A multivariate numerical calculation and analysis of the influence on the comp onents of stresses and displacements nearcavities, geometrical, physical parameters of ro cks was carried out.


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Keywords drift, isoparametric element, transtropic array, finite element method