Software system for managing the network infrastructure of reference GNSS stations using cloud technologies

  • M.M. Moldabekov AALR "Institute of space technique and technology"
  • D.I. Yeryomin AALR "Institute of space technique and technology"
  • D.G. Zhaxygulova AALR "Institute of space technique and technology", Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • S. Trepashko AALR "Institute of space technique and technology"
  • R.A. Kaliyeva AALR "Institute of space technique and technology"


Nowadays, global navigation satellite systems are widely used to determine the location of various objects with an accuracy of meters. However, there are a number of industries that require high navigation accuracy, for example, for a satellite geodetic network, which is a coordinate-time basis. In order to improve the accuracy of navigation definitions, a differential mode of definitions is used. To implement the differential mode, the network infrastructure of GNSS reference stations and software, capable of both collecting, storing and displaying data, and calculating differential corrections, are required. In Kazakhstan, there is a system of reference GNSS stations that implements its functions on the equipment and software of Leica Geosystems AG, which, along with Trimble Navigation, occupy the main market share of satellite navigation equipment and related software. However, in order to ensure external independence in the field of high-precision navigation, the urgent task is to create a domestic system for managing the network infrastructure of GNSS reference stations, in particular, software development. In this regard, the present work is devoted to the development of specialized software for a system for managing the network infrastructure of reference GNSS stations using cloud technologies.


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