On the existence of a conditionally periodic solution of one quasilinear differential system in the critical case

  • Zh. Suleimenov al-Farabi Kazakh National University


In the theory of nonlinear oscillations one often encounters conditionally periodic oscillations resulting from the superposition of several oscillations with frequencies incommensurable with each other. When finding a solution to a resonant quasilinear differential system in the form of a conditionally periodic function, the problem of a small denominator arises. Consequently, the proof of the existence, and even more the construction of such a solution is not an easy task. In this article, drawing on the work of VI. Arnold, I. Moser, and other researchers proved the existence and constructed a conditionally periodic solution of a second-order quasilinear differential system in the critical case. Accelerated convergence method by N.N. Bogolyubova, Yu.A. Mitropolsky, A.M. Samoylenko. The result can be applied to construct a conditionally periodic solution of specific differential systems.


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Keywords conditionally periodic, accelerated convergence, frequency, resonance